Ndagi Contractors Limited

we are a private limited company which was incorporated in January 2002 licensed and insured. Our capability includes all aspects of general automobile repair and  maintenance as well as  management and execution. We generally offer Mechanics, Electronics and Construction services involving motor repair, panel beating, electrical wiring as well as buildings and road construction services respectively.

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We have made our name through comprehensive management controls, highly competitive pricing and our bottom line commitment to quality. Our project management approach is designed to achieve the outcomes that all project stakeholders expect while controlling costs, ensuring quality and the completion of projects on time.


We have experienced automotive service technicians who professionally perform oil changes on vehicles, inspect, maintain, and repair cars and light trucks. With passion and reliable experience.



We engage in all electrification activities including tender- investor connection, buildings wiring, repair and maintenance. We have professional well trained surveyors.



We do support customers of different insurance companies in activities like insurance processing, connection, clearing and compensation processing for customers with inter continental insurance.



We do management of all aspects of planning and construction for any given project. We involve in all management activities creatively and with passion to see success.


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Ndagi contractors limited has comprehensive performance history on contracts with different organizations, our customers include Blood Bank, AIG/CHARTIS , intercontinental insurance brokers, United telecom, Phoenix Assurance, Alexandra Forbes, APA insurance, UAP Insurance, Salam Insurance and many others

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Our core values

We are not only quality oriented but we are also value driven.

Great service

Our project management approach is designed to achieve the outcomes that all project stakeholders expect.

Highest Standards

We are not only passionate to provide you the best solution, we focus at offering our services at the highest standards.

Professional Team

We are engineers, technicians, Electricians, managers, and skilled trades men; experienced in each area of competence.

Creative Solutions

We are not only experienced, ndagi contractors limited we are backed with skills to come up with unique solutions.

Our partners

Due to long term experience, we have a wide range of connections and thus partners.