Auto Mobile Services


Auto-Mobile Services

Our capability includes all aspects of general automobile repair and  maintenance services including but not limited to the following


Panel Beating

Panel beating is the action of beating the bodywork of motor vehicles into shape, we have skillful technicians who can either repair or replace various parts of a vehicle and perfectly restore your vehicle.


Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment, sometimes referred to as breaking or tracking, is part of standard automobile maintenance that consistsresearch topics for high school students of adjusting the angles of wheels to the car manufacturer specifications.


Paint & Spraying

Are you looking for a change of color? our DIY car paint services may bring you a smile and respect. Good prep work and being systematic in our approach will have your car looking like new in no time.


Tire Service

Ndagi contractors limited we have skillful and highly experienced technicians who perform tire servicing, repair, change and so much more at record offers excellent sevice.

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Oil Changing

If you’re confused about motor oil—the right time to change it, how often to change it, what’s the best oil for your car Ndagi Contractors Limited can set you straight, we have skillful technicians who perform oil changing with your car specifications in considerationspaperwriter

Side view of mechanic checking motor oil in a car with open hood.

Engine Service

The engine needs to be fed the proper amounts of air, fuel, and spark, we have skillful technicians and equipment needed to perform excellent engine diagnosis, make report and fix your car engine issues and get back to road super fine and restored.


Automotive Wiring

We have electricians who have interest in working on automobiles with a deep understanding of both electrical systems and cars as well as a keen eye for detail through strong analytics, all meant to see your car perform in a better state and reliable.

break down service 1

Breakdown Service

We have effective reliable breakdown tracks that assist motorists whose vehicles have suffered a mechanical failure that leaves the operator stranded, we come in and rescue you.

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